Mr. Raaj Muttreja

Founder Member


Raaj Muttreja is a Director of Hollandia Power Solution Private Limited (hereafter referred as HPSL) was incorporated in the year 2008 as a private limited company.

    • HPSL is engaged in the implementation, promotion, popularization, research and development in renewable energy sector.

A well equipped R & D centre has been established in Hollandia biotech for wind, solar and biomass covering non-conventional energy, energy Hollandia biotech has sound and experienced technical personnel and infra undertake all developmental programmes.

  • Our team members conduct research activities to collect the necessary and upgrading the delivery quality of each product.
  • HPSL is developing different models of plants for the treatment of waste, according to the requirement of the consumers and nature of waste. These models cater to the nee beneficiaries such as domestic households, public institutions like hospitals, schools, hostels, convents etc. and also Local Body establishments like Panchayats, Municipalities, Corporations etc for treating different types of waste.
  • HPSL also listed as channel partner with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE). HPSL’s Name on serial no. 214 (Hollandia Power Gurgaon), click below to check the list – ‘
    Seeing the international Global warming movement Raaj forayed into CONSERVATION of ENERGY with US – AID, CEL, TATA BP
    Biotech – Holders of Austin Award – 2007 (Green Energy) operations in Kerala, etc.,
    E-Sharp – Business partners of Panasonic
    International – Hollandia Netherland (HO), Dubai UAE, Hong Kong
    Business Areas –
    African Continent, Afghanistan, India, Europe, China etc.,
    Some of our largest customers are: Tata BP Solar, US ARMY, Indian Government, various Telecom Operators, various Non Governmental Organizations, Governmental Rural Programs, Banks, World Bank etc. The Company also represents big names in the industry such as: Hollandia Power Solutions, BP Solar USA, Grundfos Denmark, Morningstar, Apollo USA, Exide, Exact, Kevin etc.,