Association of Entrepreneurs

AOE – Association of Entrepreneurs is a community of experts from varied fields. Diverse backgrounds, nurturing experiences and a lot of knowledge sharing is what makes this platform unique in its offering. A stage of life to share and learn through the journey of entrepreneurs. The seed of entrepreneurship that bit each member at different stages of their lives, leaves them with a story to be individually told to this world.

Good conversations often lead to beautiful destinations, AOE is a brain child of one such conversation of its members. Sipping hot tea and enjoying the hot pakodas on a winter afternoon, this core group of seven individuals decided to curate a platform with a sole objective of learning & sharing knowledge. The core team believed, knowledge is the ultimate power of wisdom and as entrepreneurs, continuous learning acts as fuel to one’s growth.

…..August 2012, was the very first meeting of AOE at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. AoE got registered as a Non-Profit body on 21st October 2013. And since then the association has organized continuous meetings. Every meeting has seen an inspiring speaker sharing their life journey – from life coaches, to financial advisors to even architects. The motive remains to get entrepreneurs from different walks of life and learn from their real-life experiences.

Here are some of the inspirational speakers, AOE has had as a part of its forum :

  • Mr. R Chandrashekhar (President – Nasscom)
  • Mr. Rajendra Powar (Chairman – NIIT)
  • Mr. Kunwar Sachdeva (MD – Sukam Power Inverters)
  • Mr. Anurag Batra (Chairman – Business World)
  • Mr. Raman Roy (M.D. – Quatro)
  • Mr. Pradeep Gupta (Cybermedia)

A community to interact, experience, cherish, learn and respect the journey of each entrepreneur.

We at AOE, value the contribution of 
each and every entrepreneur to life. AOE gives you access to learn from combined experience of over 900 years in varied fields.

A true entrepreneur is not only the one who gives birth to a business idea, but true entrepreneurship lies in encouraging others and enabling them to find solutions.