Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh



IT Systems professional with over thirty years of experience in providing operations and strategic management. Delivered to domestic Indian clients (government and corporate) and Global clients. Managed delivery of Application Services in sectors such as Healthcare & Life Sciences across US, EMEA, China and India, India Government and Ministry of Defence (GoI).

Focusing on (1.) providing IT and Management Consulting services under the brand name Aural Systems; see below and also see (2.) starting up an online education system under the brand “Skill Abode” ; see to (A.) improve the employability of university students and (B.) help working professionals to achieve their professional goals.

Consulting services: Provide consulting support to startups and established entities in fields as diverse as Healthcare IT products and services, manufacturing, software product development, Light Volume Manufacturing of Electronic Systems and IoT Devices. Integrating the understanding of business processes with appropriate IT solutions to create appropriate linkages between processes as well as enhance efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

The support included (but not limited to) formulation of a business plan, strategic reviews, identification and implementation of service delivery processes, mentoring of top management / CEO, identification of niche opportunities in product categories, market segments, business areas and diversification.

Presently Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at a IT services company. Have advised similar IT organizations as a Chief Operating Officer (COO).


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