Mr. Abhijit Roy

Abhijit Roy


Abhijit Roy is a software professional, Founder of Aapna Infotech, a company engaged in IT projects in India and US.

Abhijit is experienced and adept at managing people and projects, across different platforms, and countries. He is committed to help organizations and concept start up’s to leverage technology.​

His passion is building powerful relationships, and it is the fundamental principal by which he leads his life.
Abhijit’s early stages of work career with mid-sized software company in India & subsequently a large financial institution in the US helped him develop his forte – bringing the best out of people. And thats what he did when he Founded Aapna Infotech.

He is a manager by example – nothing makes him happier than to hear praise about his team.​

On the personal front, Abhijit is a family man, and a strong believer of work-life balance. He ensures that he doesn’t load up his calendar with business-only engagements; He is always on the lookout for opportunities where he can mix the two. Many of his clients, colleagues and associates are now close friends.​

Abhijit lives in Delhi with his wife Sanghamitra who also shares important work role in Aapna Infotech.

He always welcomes good friends, good conversations, good advice and most of all, having a jolly good time!


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